Progressive Rehab Exercises 

ART (Active Release Technique)

Registered Massage Therapy

Medical Acupuncture 


Athletic Therapy assesses and treats all manner of musculoskeletal issues, which means if you’ve injured a muscle, bone or joint or are active and want to avoid injuries to those areas, then seeing a Certified Athletic Therapist may be just the thing for you. Employing a sport medicine model, Athletic Therapy includes assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and education.  With assessments an Athletic Therapist can take a biomechanical full body approach to find out what is wrong.  They will turn to a wide range of rehabilitative techniques which can include manual therapies, soft tissue mobilization, exercises, supportive strapping, and patient education learning how to prevent re-injury and learning about lifestyle factors that can help return you to a healthy lifestyle and doing what you love faster. 
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Modalities (Ultrasound, TENS, IFC, Microcurrent)  

Athletic Therapy


Modalities use different electrical current or ultrasound to provide treatment.  Electrodes or an ultrasound wand are applied to the skin and settings are determined based on the nature of your condition and the goal of therapy such as muscle activation, decreasing inflammation, managing pain or to promote healing.  IFC, TENS, EMS, Microcurrent, Electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound are the treatments available at OCSI. 

A metal soft tissue instrument used to break up adhesions in fascia (the structure that surrounds every muscle), muscles, tendons and ligaments.  This tool allows your practitioner to focus on very specific areas as well as stretching large areas

Contemporary Medical Acupuncture is a precise nervous system stimulation technique.   Very fine, solid needles (acupuncture needles) are inserted into anatomical sites  and stimulated manually or with electricity for the therapeutic purpose of modulating abnormal activity of the nervous system and/or the endocrine, exocrine and immune systems. Neuromodulation occurs through neurological and neurohumoral mechanisms at multiple levels, namely: peripheral nerves, spinal cord, brain stem, brain and cerebellumLearn more about Contemporary Medical Acupuncture....

OCSI is a huge advocate of activity.  After injury, compensatory patterns the body develops can prevent optimal movement patterns.  As such, once the condition is on the correct road to recovery, movement patterns and muscle activation needs to be addressed.  This supports passive treatment to help support the therapy you are receiving and prevent the reoccurrence of injury. 

Registered massage therapy is a comprehensive soft tissue intervention involving a range of techniques to manipulate the soft tissues and joints of the body. It is used for specific sports injuries, general relaxation, deep tissue release, myofascial release, tight musculature, postural aches from work/stress, scar tissue mobilization, to name a few.  Having open communication with your practitioner is vital to ensure your goals of therapy are met and the best techniques are used.  Ottawa Chiropractic and Sports Injury Clinic (OCSI) is happy to offer registered massage services.  Learn more about Registered Massage Therapy....

Active Release Technique (ART) is a soft tissue technique used to help break up scar tissue adhesions that have developed in muscles, ligaments or tendons from overuse creating microtrauma.  A lack of oxygen to the tissue or an acute injury such as a sprain or strain can create these adhesions.  Tension is applied and the muscle, ligament or tendon is moved to a lengthened position, helping to break up adhesions.  Learn more about Active Release Technique (ART)....

Chiropractic is a manual approach to health care that addresses all aspects of the neuromusculoskletal system (nerves, joints and muscles). Chiropractors provide a diagnosis, treatment plan, treatment and suggestions to prevent reoccurrence such as education or exercises. Chiropractors do no just treat the spine! We treat the joints, muscles or nerves in the body including spine, knees, shoulders, elbows, ankles, hands, feet and hips. OCSI is a local chiropractic and massage therapy clinic in Wellington West, between Hintonburg and Westboro. Learn more about Chiropractic care at OCSI

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